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Next Level Founder Bio


Coach Tim Thompson is a legendary high school football coach, author, lecturer, and motivational speaker.

Coach Thompson was born and raised in Hyde Park, North Memphis. He would later go on to graduate from Melrose High School and “The” Tennessee State University with a degree in engineering.

Coach T is well known nationally for his head coaching stint at Melrose High School in the 1990s. Using a wide-open passing offense that was revolutionary for the times, he guided the Golden Wildcats to state championships in 1996 and 1998 while coaching all-Americans like Cedrick Wilson, Kindal Moorehead, David Paine, and 2003 4th overall pick Dewayne Robertson, but ask Coach T and he will quickly tell you that he is most proud of all the young men that he was able to steer away from the streets into becoming Doctors, CEOs, Educators, and countless other professions that allowed them to take care of their families, which ultimately changed the lives of generations, breaking the poverty cycle.

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While Coach T receives the most praise from what he has done as a coach, the real work was done in “The Lockeroom” which is also the title of his well-renowned book that he wrote which received national attention and will soon be turned into a film in Theatres.

Coach Thompson was truly sent by God to inspire the youth, families, and coaches throughout the world. He was able to take a group of kids, who the world all but forgot about, who they labeled as criminals, misfits, and said would never achieve anything into champions on and off the field.

Currently coach Thompson is the Sports Director of Next Level Training in Collierville. He currently has an active roster of over 100 athletes that travel from all over the United States to train and receive motivation from him, which includes most recent 2019 NFL 4th Round pick out of University of Memphis, Tony Pollard. 

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